Jul 18, 2008

I was THIS close.

Just the other day I was thinking smugly that I have almost made it out of the diaper years without a serious "poop incident". I've never had it ooze out on my lap or been sprayed in the face. None of the number of horrific things I've heard about have happened to me.

I should have known it was time.

Yesterday after dinner I took Robbie outside so I could do some weeding. I'd been bent over pulling weeds for just about a minute when Robbie walked up to me and said "yucky" then wiped something on my head. He wiped so hard, he pulled hair free of my ponytail.

"Don't wipe things on Mommy, hon, that's not nice" I said and went back to weeding.

Then I got this horrible whiff.....of dirty diaper.....and I knew what he'd wiped on me.

Apparently he had had some kind of incident, reached down in his diaper to explore it...and well you can figure it out.

I scooped him up and ran into the house where Toby was just sitting down to watch TV. I quickly explained the problem. Then I ran upstairs to have a shower, leaving Toby with what had to be the diaper of the century.

I'm officially out of shampoo.


marisa said...

Nasty!!! My friends daughter paints with the brown stuff frequently, count your blessings!

Kim said...

I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I think. Poor Holls.

Amber Ro said...

Yuck-having them wipe it on clothes is one thing-but hair?!?

At least it was his first offense...