Jul 25, 2008

Craft Day

Since I stopped working on Fridays I try to make it a fun day where we do something hands-on. Today we colored and made three origami projects. By "we" I mean we both watched the video on my laptop and then I folded and Robbie decorated.

Thanks to a cool site of video tutorials on all topics, I found a whole series on Origami. Ever tried making origami from a printed diagram? That will make you feel about 50 IQ points lower down the ladder. Video, on the other hand, rocks!

Origami Sailboat

Origami paper box. This is supposed to work great with a magazine cover too -but we used standard white printer paper and let Robbie color it. Conveniently enough - it is the exaxt size to hold markers!

Robbie decorated more than his box.

Then we had a tasty muffin tin lunch - an idea I borrowed from my friend Marisa. It was a hit!


Amber Ro said...

Oh! I love the craft day idea. I also love that Robbie helped decorate himself-we've seen that many times at our house, too :)

Kim said...

SO CUTE...love that you are such a good mommy. Thanks for the inspiration.