Jul 20, 2008

Date Night

My sister-in-law and I recently struck upon a brilliant scheme. We keep their son for a night....and then they take ours the next. We went first with the kids - and survived. But I now have a newfound appreciation for any mothers with twins....or anyone with more than one child under three.

For their date, they enjoyed being able to purchase a car without having to keep a toddler happy through the process. I'm sure anyone who has had to buy anything more complicated than a stereo while managing a small child can understand the pure joy of doing it without one.

For our date we went to dinner at Ruth's Diner - and we traveled by motorcycle. We haven't been on a ride together for......I can't even remember how long. I think two years is probably accurate.

We also went grocery shopping the next day.

The bike ride was a blast... but I have to say that shopping without a toddler was almost as exhilarating. I was actually able to read labels! We went to three separate grocery stores; Costc0, Target and Whole Foods. I reveled in my freedom to be selective.

We may have gone a bit overboard with our freedom. We could barely fit all the bags in our little Civic but we did manage to squeeze it in.

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