Apr 11, 2008

Wow, Nice Diffuse Highlight Transition Area!

Most photographers I know have a love/hate relationship with their flash. Most beginners are afraid of their flash and most of us that know how to use it still don't like the harsh shadows and the harsh specular highlights it causes. But - we all need it sooner or later.
For Valentine's Day this year Toby bought me a really romantic gift - a set of Pocket Wizards. I wanted them for studio sessions - so I could ditch the cord I was using to trigger my lights.

Pocket wizards also let you trigger your camera flash without it being on your camera.
Recently I acquired (thanks again to Toby) the last couple bits of hardware I needed to make these fun gadgets work with my flash units. Let me say - its like a whole new world!

I apologize if I am boring the non shutterbugs out there, but look at these pictures. Would you have pegged them as shot with a flash?

They look like we just had lots of great overhead and window light in our house - but these were shot in the evening and at night and the overhead light in the room was off.


Kim said...

Can I pay you to teach me all about flash? Really...like a Reed Photographic workshop? Thanks!

marisa said...

I'll sign up for that.

marisa said...

Oh, and I also have a great idea regarding Breanna Grahams workshop. You go to it, learn everything, a few of us like Kim, Julie etc. pay you a couple hundred dollars, you come back and teach us everything she taught you.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

Instead of a workshop let's just talk about it at our next get-together.