Apr 29, 2008

Because Breakfast is the Most Dangerous Meal

Maybe he thinks if he wears it we'll go on a bike ride. Maybe when he wears it reminds him of all the bike rides he's enjoyed?

Maybe it's like eating a York Peppermint Patty....and wearing it gives him the sensation of zinging down the alps...er, down the street. If you didn't get that, don't worry. You're probably just under 30.


Amber Ro said...

cute! oh, how we love the fun antics of 2 year olds (at times). I need to get me one of those to wear while I feed Emma. She is super messy, and that helmet would for sure keep the thrown food out of my hair. Maybe Robbie is wearing it while he eats becuase he is remembering how it is to eat with Emma at your side? :)

Kim said...

Unfortunately I remember those commercials. What an adorable boy. He looks so grown up.