Apr 30, 2008

Grass...oh how I miss thee...

When we decided to move to our new house last year, I knew there would be trade-offs. We'd lose our great neighbors but we'd have more space. We'd give up our awesome sunken patio but we'd have an actual master bathroom. We'd be walking away from the bathroom we remodeled with awesome floor to ceiling limestone...but we'd get one attached to our own bedroom.

The one thing I did not think about and have actually missed the most (besides the neighbors) is having grass (which we'll soon have again). The picture above was taken in our front yard one summer evening when my friend Shannon and I were hanging out with our kids on the lawn and our hubbies were off riding motorcycles.

This week we (by which I mean Toby) planted three trees in the front yard...grass is budgeted and scheduled for May....so hopefully we'll soon be lounging on lush green carpet again soon.

Robbie may miss the dirt...but with half an acre of room to play, I am positive he'll find another nice big patch to dig in.


Shannon said...

I can not wait for you! I too miss your old yard btw! I loved it, but I think this one will be even better!

Kim said...

Holy Blogging Batman. For real where have I been since SUNDAY? Not blogging at all! :( I can't wait for you to get grass. Heck, I can't wait for ME to get grass. One day.