Apr 23, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

Robbie's vocabulary has really taken off in the last three weeks. He's gone from one and two word demands...er...requests, to three, for and even five word sentences. Along with this comes a lot of funny moments.

Some of the words he says don't come out quite the way he meant them. Luckily we know what he's saying, but in public it can be a little bit unnerving to have your toddler son shout
"Fork Lift" ...but that's not how it sounds. Or point to the wall and shriek "clock!" but again...that's not how it sounds to any other ears but his and mine. People who aren't familiar with toddlerese probably think we're letting him watch late night HBO.

A new pastime of his seems to be to get us to sing by asking something like "tinkle star, mommy?" and then when I start to sing he says "all done mommy" or, in Toby's case he says "daddy, stop it!"

Funniest of all is that now he is starting to sing too....his favorite is the Bob the Builder theme song. he asks me to sing it, then when I stop he sings "Baaaaaaaab Builder........DONE!". It's pretty cute and makes me wish I could keep him right this age for 6 months or so.


Shannon said...

Ask him to say Ice Cream.

Holly Reed | Reed Photographic said...

He says it like "eye keen" so we're safe on that one.