Jan 27, 2009


For his third birthday, Toby finally got to take Robbie on a much anticipated (on both sides) ski trip.

Robbie was a champ. He never whined about the cold or all the gear. He had a great time and loved skiing and riding the lift about equally. I have a feeling we'll be going again soon.

Later that afternoon, several family members joined us for cake, ice cream and presents. Robbie was, if possible, more excited by the attention from so many people than he was by the presents.

The video below shows about 30 seconds of highlights from the big day - including his completely "hamming-it-up" behavior while unwrapping presents.

All I could do was roll my eyes and laugh.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! I love that you guys took him skiing! I wish I wasn't such a chicken and could take my kids. I will have to send them with their dad...and go shopping. :) Miss you Holly...Flavio and I were talking about your little family this morning and I just missed you!!!

Amber Ro said...

I can't beleive what a good little skier Robbie is-and that he enjoyed it!
I love his "Yippees!" at the party. Can't beleive he is 3-where does the time go?