Jan 14, 2009

Not Exactly Baywatch

One of the things I miss most about living in the Northwest (besides Abby's Pizza) is the Ocean. Somehow the Great Salt Lake doesn't quite measure up.

When we went to Oregon this December I really wanted to take Robbie to the coast but it was raining and miserable all week. But then I reminded Toby of the "rule of thumb" my family always used.

If it's raining in Roseburg, it will be nice at the coast. And the opposite is also true.

So we piled into the truck with my brother and his family and braved the rain. When we got there, it wasn't exactly Baywatch weather - but it wasn't raining either.

Wind, wet and cold not withstanding, I think it was Robbie's favorite part of the whole trip.


Amber said...

I'd say Baywatch minus the bikinis and flowing blonde hair :) J/K.
Robbie looks like he had a fun time on the coast. Hope he has a happy b-day next week!

Shannon said...

I love these pictures! Looks like a nice day just to hang out.