Jan 14, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a little rushed this year because we were on the road to Oregon by 1 pm. I wish we could have spent more time just enjoying the day but we had to get moving in order to squeeze in a quick visit with my family.

The kids (Robbie and his cousin) being old enough to really understand the concept of the holiday and being able to anticipate it made this year, by far, the funnest ever. They were just as interested in everyone else's presents as their own.

This year's theme must have been tools. Robbie's really in a tool phase, which gets stronger every day. It doesn't help that Uncle Kip has been here finishing our basement. Robbie loves to go down and "help". Kip, for his part, is very patient and makes Robbie feel like he's an important part of the process. If scattering Sheetrock screws and eating Sheetrock dust are essential to the process, then maybe Kip is right.

The best part of this Christmas were the handmade gifts. Uncle Kip made both boys a wood tool box (a la Handy Manny) and a wood sawhorse. They are a little heavy but durable enough to last a few lifetimes. With any luck, Robbie can pass his down to his grandkids.

Why is it that no matter how we try to "scale back" Christmas morning always looks like this?

How was your Christmas?

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