Feb 23, 2009

Sleeping In, In Seattle

Seattle was great fun. We got to catch up with an old friend, visit (briefly) Toby's aunt and see the sites.
Sans Robbie, my hands were also free to take a lot of pictures. This is a fact that a seagull later took advantage off too. He "bombed" my hand and my camera, which took quite a while to clean up.

Toby on the Bainbridge Ferry.

Holly on same Ferry.

Toby at Green Lake.

Experience Music Project

I also found our next house while were on the Ferry. Look at the picture below...see the little house? The last one on the tip of the island? That's it! I think I'll enjoy the view of Seattle each evening. Now...you can send donations for our new house, attention Holly...

One of the other things we noticed on this trip, besides just how crazy the streets are laid out in Seattle, is how expensive everything is. We started to tell each other we must be getting old because we kept whining about the cost of everything.

Perhaps it isn't just us, though. See if you fall of your chair when I tell you what we paid, just in parking, over the course of about 36 hours.
Hotel: $35 a day, so $70
Pike's Market: $12 for two hours
All around town: $18-20 at various parking meters
One parking ticket: $35 (we didn't see a meter and were out in the 'burbs and didn't realize we had to pay)
Total valet tips, every time we needed to get our car (not allowed to do it yourself): $14
Grand Total: $150!

So here's my tip if you're considering Seattle. Do stay downtown but don't rent a car.


Michelle said...

Hi Holly n Toby. I'm so glad you had a great time. Sorry for the seagull experience, even though it's funny. Someday you'll look back and laugh like I'm am right now reading about it, of course, till it happens to me.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, the parking prices are insane...them are Chicago prices! Karazay.

Love that you were able to get away for a bit sans bebe. Sounds like a wonderful trip, minus the seagull poo. Ew.

Thanks for your thoughts this morning. I miss you too, I really need to get out more and see my good friends. Can't wait to hear all about your exciting plans in the works. Loves.

Kevin's Mommy said...

We have insane parking prices in Europe as well..A'dam is at least 5euros per hour in the center, doing the weekly grocery shopping is on average 3 euros (in the smaller villages).....Cars (and everything that goes with them) are really viewed as a luxury item and taxed as such. Still can't function without one through with a full time job, kid to bring to and from school and daycare, etc.....