Feb 25, 2009

I Should Frame These For the Studio Walls

The studio has been finished for a week now and I've tried three times to take Robbie's photo.

Not happening.

There is a reason I typically just have another photographer friend take our family pictures.

All the same, I did get a number of "tosser" images that, as a collection, I think really tell a story. And that story is this:

"Parents, don't feel bad if your kids act up and don't cooperate or temporarily seem deaf when you try to take their photos. Everyone's kids do it - especially kids whose parents do this for a living."

"I'm the Captain. Argh!!"


Shannon said...

HA HA HA HA! I love this! YOu should frame them! I HATE taking my kids pictures too! Hayden did pretty go the other day but we will had a melt down and he is 6!

Amber Ro said...

Good advice for us mommies of toddlers. Question-should we feel bad if they act up, don't cooperate or act temporarily deaf when doing things not related to picture taking...say, in everything else?

Kim said...

These are bomb...the exact reason I hire a photographer friend to do our photos too! Geez, there must be something to it all. I love the photo just under the one with the meter, he looks like, "What the h do you want?"

Dood we are still sick over here. Now we are dealing with goopy eyes and sore throats. I got kicked out of bed last night and went and slept on Jothan's bed. Good times. Hope you are well.