Jul 2, 2009

Taking "tingly sensation" to a new level.

Old ads have always made me chuckle - especially when they advertise a product we now know to be completely useless or even harmful. When I saw this ad I was at first horrified. Lysol?? Down there? Yikes. I hope it was a milder form than what I currently use to disinfect my trash can. I really, really hope.

But this begs the question. What kind of products do we use that will make our grandchildren shrink in horror? My bet is Listerine. Future generations will probably discover it is the root cause of diabetes or erectile dysfunction. It would figure.


mike said...


Amber Ro said...

So gross! Who is their right mind...? I'm with you on Listerine. That stuff is strong enough to kills all the germs in my toilet! Do people really rinse their mouths with it?