Jun 30, 2009

Better Late than Never

This has seemed to be a strange summer. As a girl born and raised in the damp northwest I've quite enjoyed the constant rain but even I have limits. Especially when I've been spoiled by the last 12 or 13 years of nearly uninterrupted summer heat and sun.

So, when the rain finally took a break and we could get out in the Reed Family Truckster and RV combo it was indeed and exciting time. Diets were broken, bedtimes were forgotten and our skill in cooking over flame was honed.

Here is the Fireball in all its glory, resplendent in Avocado green racing stripes. I put Robbie up to posing in front of it to give you, gentle reader, a feel for the sheer scale of the beast.

Here is Woody and his "cousin" Jasper (my brother's dog). Both dogs are the same breed, born within a week of one another and yet....there is a 100% difference in weight and 180 degree difference in personality. Whereas Jasper could be compared to Barney Fife, Woody is an even mixture of neuroses: sex addiction and aggression. Poor Jasper will need to seek the counsel of a rape trauma center after this weekend. Here the dogs are tethered to within kissing, but not humping distance.

Here is my son, ever the soul of responsibility. See how he personally takes it upon himself to prevent forest fires?

And here is my boy once again. This time he's fashioning himself a grass mustache...or is it a nasal cannula? One never knows.

And finally, eating the requisite Cheeze-Its. Is anyone else put off by the way this product sounds like "Cheese Zits"? I am.


marisa said...

Great post, I love it. Man, you have a SWEET RV! Tell Robbie to watch out for the steam when preventing forest fires, I know from experience. And I don't think I will be able to eat Cheese Zits ever again, thanks!

Kim Sue Ellen said...

You are so cute...love this post. Love the green machine and the peeing in the fire pit...ahhh memories. I don't know how I feel about Chesse Zits...but kids sure like them. I miss you. Srsly.

~Michelle~ said...

HA HA!!! LMAO!!! This was too funny...