May 21, 2009

Between Cleaners and Cleanees

We moms spend a lot of time cleaning. The more children you have, the more cleaning - and it isn't just twice as much cleaning with two children. I suspect it's an exponential increase.

Today my neighbor's six year old daughter came the front door shortly after I'd attacked my kitchen floor with bleach water and a mop.

"Eww, your house smells like chlorine!" she said, wrinkling her nose.

Twenty minutes later, her mother came to my kitchen door. Just like in those Febreeze commercials, she poked her nose in for a good whiff. "Mmmm your house smells good!" she said.

An affection for the smell of chlorine...just one more way being a mom changes everything.


Amber Ro said...

That is so true. I used to hate the smell of clorox and other cleaners and now I love them. Maybe it's becuase when I smell them, I know my house is totally clean. Unfortunately, I don't get to smell this scent very often :)

Kim Sue Ellen said...

I couldn't have put it better myself...I LOVE the way bleach smells, my house just FEELS better after a good dousing.