May 24, 2006

A Very Big Week

This week Robbie turned four months old and, if that weren't enough, he started cutting two new little teeth on his bottom gums. And if that weren't enough, he learned to roll over...but that part was more traumatic than the teeth, I'm afraid.

This morning I put him down in my office on a couple of his baby quilts that I usually lay him on to play for a while when I am working. I ran upstairs to see Toby off to work and heard him crying. I thought it was just the usual "how dare you leave me alone, woman?" crying so I didn't run immediately downstairs. When I did get down there about 30 seconds later I was so surprised to see him face down on my plastic floor mat (the kind that protect the carpet from chair wheels) that I said "Oh My God!"

Unfortunately Toby hadn't quite left yet and he heard me say it. He came flying down the stairs thinking who knows what (that I'd left the baby on a high surface and he'd fallen, maybe). It was funny to me, but it took him a minute to put his stomach back in the right place.

Rolling back to front is no problem...but apparently back to front uses a different skill set.

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