May 8, 2006

This is getting to be ridiculous

I'm sure if he could talk he'd tell me to stop dressing him up like my personal play thing. I'm sure if he had the articulation of an adult he'd have a lot of things to
1. Milk is good and all...but how about an Oreo now and then to go with it?
2. Bath time is good...we should do that more often. Like every other hour. But why don't you turn the heater on so that when you get me out, the air is a toasty 85 degrees?
3. I don't need socks. I know you think I do, but I don't. If my feet get a little cold, I'll deal with it. If the dogs lick my feet, I'll deal with it. Actually, I like that last part. You should let the dogs in the house sometimes.
4. That hammock you brought home is nice. Just prop a bottle in my mouth and put me out there in the morning. I'll be good to go for at least an hour.
5. I wish these darn arms would do what I want. I could get all kinds of things in my mouth then. I've got my eye on that bluetooth headset.

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