Apr 17, 2009

Afraid of the Water? Not Exactly.

I am sorry for anyone whose children are afraid of water. I have a few friends with this problem and I don't even have a word of advice. Robbie has always loved it and his passion for it gets stronger every year.

For about a year we've been having him wear this shortie because it keeps him from shivering the whole time. The poor kid is just skinny. We don't know where he gets it from. Just last week we introduced the water wings and...well lets just say they were a big hit. The picture says the rest.

The goggles are also a recent thing - an Easter present. Does he mind when they fill with water? Not a bit.

Ah, you may be thinking. Does he mind when he goes UNDER water?

Not exactly.

He's even gracious enough to smile for the camera.

And if all that wasn't cute enough, watch this video. The way his funny little legs kick just cracks me up every time.

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~Michelle~ said...

Hi Holly... These pictures turned out so cute!!! Glad we were there to see him jumpin!!!